Float Away Anxiety

Floating’s effect on Anxiety

Floating has been shown to aid those with various anxiety conditions.

Dr. Feinstein, Ph.D is the director at the LIBR Float Clinic & Research Center. His team is researching the effects floating has on fear, anxiety and other conditions. Below, Feinstein explains a recent study showing in 50 patients, 100% felt a decrease in anxiety which lasted 32 hours or longer post float therapy. Medications meant to treat anxiety last only 4-8 hours. The patients in this study had various types of anxiety including PTSD anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia. This shows floating is an effective and flexible tool which can be used to aid those with various conditions. Watch the video below to learn more!

Learn more about Dr. Feinstein Ph,D: http://www.laureateinstitute.org/justin-feinstein.html

Veterans Find Peace From PTSD Through Float Therapy

“By depriving patients of sensory information, the experience allows for a safe and therapeutic environment with which veterans can experience significant relaxation—maybe even process past trauma.”

Float therapy is being shown to be a helpful approach for easing the difficulties of those struggling with PTSD. Float pods offer a safe and distraction free environment which proves to therapeutic.

Meditation Slows Down Aging- Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Floating - “Meditation Training Wheels”

This video is from the Joe Rogan Experience with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Patrick explains how meditation has been shown to have beneficial effects not just on brain aging, but overall aging. Meditation prevents the shortening of telomeres which means the practice slows aging in general. “The way it does this is by activating the enzyme telomerase, which isn’t normally active in our cells,” Patrick explains.

Float therapy has often been referred to as “Meditation Training Wheels.” The sensory deprivation environment cuts out the real world distractions which often make achieving healthy meditation brain states difficult. The float environment can help those new to meditation experience the benefits even in their first sensory deprivation session. For those experienced in meditation, the float tank is a place to enhance your practice and reach deeper and prolonged states.

Watch the video below to learn more about how meditation (and Floating) slow down aging!