Float Realm strives to provide the best float experience.

Let’s hear it from some of our clients!

Erik S

Let me begin by saying that Floating is mostly about the action but would not be complete without the ambiance. I’ve seen a ton of Groupon deals (admittedly at a lower price) for places that look like a back alley establishment. It’s worth the extra money to go to a place that’s nice, clean and the staff (in this case, Nancy) is amazing. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Now about the floating. I was gifted my first hour here after suffering a very bad brain injury due to a car vs bike accident and I think floating has been the most impactful part of my recovery. I made my appointment for my first visit and was immediately greeted by Nancy who gave me a walk-through of the facility and what the steps were. Right off the bat I loved the fact that everyone showers before and after using the float pod and, unlike other spa/treatments, that time doesn’t count against your hour. The pods are all new and there are a ton of options for you to control such as lighting, there are different colors or you can go pitch black (which I prefer and recommend), and different options for music. I’ve personally only used the option to have music the first and last several minutes, but there is an option for music the entire time or a guided meditation, which sounds like it might be a good idea for first timers. The water in the pod is the same as your body temperature, so you’re totally comfortable and it adds to the experience. What makes floating so incredible is the sensory deprivation factor. It allows you to totally shut down, block outside noises and either focus yourself exclusively on one thing or nothing at all. It takes some getting used to but being in what is essentially a deep state of meditation with nothing to disrupt you has a profound effect on your body and mind. I’ve never felt so relaxed, clear and focused. Of course, my story is unique, but for anyone considering trying this, I can’t recommend it enough.

Karla E

I am 65 and last year fell and broke my back, necessitating back surgery.  The pain, while standing or walking is immense.  I found Float Realm while looking for some water therapy and thought I would give it a try.  Yesterday was my first float and I was absolutely amazed at how easy, calming and comfortable it was.  Also, much of the pain in my spine has dissipated!  I was not expecting that!  This will definitely be my go-to place for years to come!  I am also excited to give floats as gifts!

Rachell Z

Amazing experience at Float Realm for almost a year now…I always look forward to my next appointment!:) Most importantly, the welcoming, sweet and warm personality of Nancy. I highly recommend Float Realm and will continue to tell friends about this awesome spot for rest and relaxation.
Thank you Nancy for making each visit a special experience to a Mommy of 3 active boys!

Alan B

My first float ever was at Float Realm! Nancy was very attentive in understanding my motives and adapting the experience to my needs. A wonderful experience — in my perception, the hour float seemed to be over in 15mins. Highly recommended.

Joe P

I gave this as a gift for my wife, and she said how good it was, so I thought I’d try it for myself.  The owner gave me a very good orientation for how it works, what positions are best to float in, and how to make the most out of the experience.  The entire place from the front reception area to the rooms with the float device is completely clean.
As a chiropractor, I was fascinated by the default position my body would assume when being totally weightless with my arms and legs free to float where they wanted to rest naturally.  I liked that there were buttons in the unit to press if I wanted to turn on or off the lights or music.  To soothe those sore muscles after exercise or just to escape the world for an hour, I will definitely be going again.

Frank L

Incredible experience. I was searching for a spa/massage during a vacation in Saratoga, and I stumbled upon Float Realm. So glad I tried this. Put me at ease and made me feel rejuvenated.
Nancy, the owner, is very knowledgeable and friendly. She is very helpful in explaining what to do. She can explain the science behind the experience as well.
The facility itself is extremely clean and well-kept. Design and overall look of the place gave a relaxing vibe as well.
Overall, please do not pass this up. If you are in the area, this place is a MUST!

Christina S

I was new to the area and was looking for a float spa that had an actual “spa” feel. I saw the reviews on Yelp and decided to try Float Realm. I got exactly what I was looking for! I already loved the relaxation of floating, but found that Nancy provided a relaxing experience from the time I walked in the door. She is very conscientious about providing a positive float experience, making sure you understand how to customize the float to your preferences. The previous float spa I’d tried rushed me out the door once the float was over, which sort of ruined the float experience. But Nancy makes sure I have plenty of time to shower, change, relax on the couch, and get ready to head back out into the world. If you haven’t tried floating, this is a great place to start. And if you have tried floating, I know you’ll love your experience here. Highly recommend!

Katrina C

I am so happy to have stumbled on Float Realm, because the nearest float spa by me has been under renovations since January. I was long overdue for a float and couldn’t wait any longer. Besides the physical benefits (i.e. pain relief and the best sleep ever), floating also helps recenter me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I feel so much more relaxed and grounded after a float session.
Float Realm holds such a clean and beautiful space. I was a fan of the simple decor, and I especially loved the collection of succulents. What’s great about Float Realm is that the facility holds 2 float pods, so I had the pleasure of doing a couple’s float with my boyfriend. The pods are in separate rooms, but we were booked for the same time. All of the amenities and toiletries you need are readily available, such as good quality soap/shampoo and conditioner, hair dryer, ear plugs, lotion cotton swabs, etc.
Nancy is such an awesome owner! She is nice, friendly, and a great communicator. She was very prompt in responding to my emails and did an excellent job orienting us with the pods and our rooms. While talking to her after our float sessions, I could tell how passionate she was about helping others with their health and overall well-being. I ended up getting a 1 float/month subscription at Float Realm, and really it was a no-brainer for me.

Nicole B

Had an amazing experience. I am an athlete and have numerous medical problems and this helps so much. The facility is clean and well maintained. It was the coolest feeling ever and the staff is friendly. Must give it a try!

Andrew P

This is a place you need try in order to really understand what I’m talking about.  My fiancé and I came here for our first float experience and that is the key word “experience “. When you walk in it’s very warm and cozy and Nancy and David are very nice and make sure to walk you through the experience before you start your float.  When you first get in the chamber it will take a little bit to adjust but once you do it’s amazing.  Every float experience will be different but when I was done with my float I felt reborn and stress free, like a weight has been lifted off of me.  It’s very important to continue to take care of your body because if you don’t who else will. Take time for you and come try this place.

Rod R

Sensory deprivation, or floating, is an amazing experience. I strongly believe that people should learn more about floating. And for those who do, to float more often, since there is a strong disconnect of self, within our overly productive society. It’s a great way to get into a meditative state and an even greater intro to meditation for those who are trying to practice mediation. It’s the perfect environment to exercise the mind, since there are literally no distractions.
My experience at Float Realm was perfect. Nancy was very friendly, hospitable, and informative. The facility was super clean, from the bathrooms, to each of the float rooms and showers were really clean as well (I’m a germophobe, and public showers freak me out, so this was an extra plus lol).