Float Therapy FAQ

Answers to some common questions about float therapy

Do I need to bring anything?

You can bring your own towel only if you’d like. If you wear contacts, you should bring your case, your solution, and your glasses. You can also bring a brush for your hair. Our spa provides soap, shampoo, conditioner, a comb, towels, and a blowdryer.


Do I need a bathing suit or swim trunks?

Only if you want to! Most people float without clothes for maximum comfort. No worries, your float room is completely private and you will be the only person in there.


What if I dye my hair?

Allow at least 4 weeks after your hair has been colored and until all hair-dye has completely stopped bleeding before coming to float. (In certain cases, it may be longer.) Hair-dye permanently dyes our tanks and contaminates the water. The enclosed nature of the tank requires us to follow strict sanitation guidelines for the safety of our customers. You may be held liable for damages up to $500 as it is a very costly endeavor for us to correct the contaminated water. We would also have to close for 2-3 business days to correct contaminated water. Manic-Panic hair-dyes cannot float in the tanks. Also, if you use keratin treatments, it’s recommended that you avoid saltwater, and that includes float tanks. We would be happy to reschedule to float.


Anything else I should know before coming in?

  • Do not eat a heavy meal prior to your float. Have a light meal a few hours prior to your float to give it time to digest before getting into the tank.

  • Don’t shave or wax too soon before getting in as the salt water may sting irritated skin.  The same for fresh tattoos, and more serious cuts or scrapes.

  • You may bring your own shower shoes IF they have never been outside.


Are there any other rules?

We only allow one person in the float room at one time – unless you are a parent supervising your child’s float.

It goes without saying, but no bodily fluids in the tanks – no spitting, no mucus, please help us keep it all clean.

Also, we will not allow intoxicated, high, or altered clients to float.


How much does it cost?

Please see our price menu.


What’s the difference between packages and memberships?

A membership is a subscription that charges a recurring fee every month to your credit card. Packages are a one-time purchase.


Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. You can’t float together in the same tank, but you can book floats at the same time.


Is your water clean?

Our water is extremely clean.  Float tank water is cleaner, in fact, than most swimming pools or hot tubs because only one person uses them at a time, and they aren’t sweating or wearing sunblock.  And we take keeping our water clean very seriously.

The main factor keeping the float tank water clean is the high salt concentration itself.  Nothing pathogenic can grow in such salty water. Then we sanitize by treating with germ-killing UV light between every client, and back that up by maintaining an active dose of hydrogen peroxide in the tank at all times.  Filtering to remove oils and particulates is taken care of by a swimming-pool-sized filter unit.  We filter aggressively between every client, turning the whole contents of the tank over three to four times, to keep our water as clean as possible.


Will I float? I sink in the ocean.

Our tanks contain over 1,000 lbs of epsom salt, so the water is dense and you will float effortlessly. We promise you won’t sink.


What is the temperature of the water?

We keep the water at skin temperature, approximately 94°F.  That allows you to float as long as you like without getting chilled or overheated, and it’s neutral for your skin temperature receptors so you won’t even really feel it’s there.


Can I float for longer than 90 minutes?

Of course. We accommodate 1, 1.5, and 2 hour floats.


What’s the best time of day to float?

It really depends on the person. After the float you may feel extremely relaxed, so you should plan your day with that in mind. We recommend that you take it easy after your float. Try not to do anything extremely active afterwards. Your body will feel light and you will want to have a calm, relaxing day. Floating toward the end of the day will also help you with a great night’s sleep.


Can I drive home?

Generally this is no problem.  Some people, though, do come out of the tank in a sleepy altered state, and need some time to come back to normal before being ready to drive. Take your time and relax in our lobby area.  We have hot or cold tea, antioxidant drinks, and comfy couch for you to relax on.  You’re welcome to stay for as long as you like.


Can I float if I’m sick or suffering allergies?

If you’re feeling sick, floating is not a great idea. We want you to be completely at ease during your float. Also, if you are contagious, it is kindest to others to stay home.  We will be glad to help you reschedule your appointment.


What about asthma or other respiratory problems?

The air inside the tank is warm and quite humid.  Some people’s lungs may not be comfortable with that, while others find it actually beneficial to their breathing.


Can I float if I’m menstruating?

Probably not a good idea. We will be happy to reschedule your float for you.


Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Many women have no problem with floating through their pregnancy, and report that they find powerful relief in a tank, and also a wonderfully enhanced connection with their baby.

As always, it is important that you check with your health care provider first, for any conditions that might be specific to you.  We are not qualified to give medical advice.


What if I’m diabetic?

If you are diabetic, please consult your doctor before floating.


Are there any other contraindications?

Generally, contraindications include powerful sedatives, being prone to seizures (e.g. epilepsy), or schizophrenia.  Magnesium from the epsom salt can have interactions with certain antibiotics and muscle relaxants, and may be an issue if you have kidney problems.  People with low blood pressure should take extra care, especially when standing up after floating.  If any of these conditions apply to you, please consult your doctor before getting in a tank.

If you cannot raise your arms over your head or if you have significant mobility difficulties, please be sure that you do not close the lid of your float tank. The lid requires you to push the handle open, and we do not want you to get stuck.


Can children float?

In many cases, yes, it’s fine for children to float.  The most important thing is to make sure that they personally really want to, and that they understand that they are allowed to get out of their float whenever they like.  We do not encourage reluctant kids to float.

Children aged nine years and up are allowed to float if a guardian is present in the room and prepared to attend to the child if they come out of their session early.


What if I do it wrong?

There is no wrong.  You’re alone in a private room and no one can judge you.  Just do what’s comfortable and let your body relax.


Is it claustrophobic?

The tank is actually much bigger on the inside than you might think, and you can sit up and move around easily. If you want, you can also leave the lid cracked or wide open with a light on. You are in complete control and many of our claustrophobic customers have had no issues once they are inside.


What if it upsets me?

You can open the tank door and turn on the light at any time. But truly, for most people, knowing that you’re completely in charge of your own experience is all the reassurance you need to have a good time. Remember, that sensory deprivation is not for everyone, however, you can still enjoy the experience for the therapeutic and detoxification benefits.


Can I float on drugs?

No.  Please understand that we cannot and will not allow the illegal use of any substances in our facility.  We also cannot allow smoking indoors whether it’s legal or not.  We will turn away any clients who are impaired or intoxicated.  We will ban anyone who disrespects our business or the comfort of other clients.