Float Realm Jobs


Float Realm Spa Associate

As a Float Spa Associate your key responsibilities are customer service and prepping the rooms for the next guests. You will be responsible for opening and closing procedures, cleaning the rooms between guests, and ensuring excellent customer service for everyone that comes in through answering questions, being knowledgeable on the benefits of floating, and offering a friendly experience.  

This is the perfect job for college students as we are happy to work around your school schedule. Also, once all tasks have been completed, you may have some free time on the clock to work on homework while a floater is in the room.

Someone who will be successful in this role has initiative, attention to detail, and has a friendly/warm personality to provide a positive and supportive experience for our customers. This is a great opportunity for those pursuing a career in psychology, health fields, or hospitality.

Pay starts at minimum wage during the training/probationary period plus tips. Once you are trained and fully independent, you will get a raise. Further raises are given based off of executing all given tasks well and having initiative to go above and beyond. We have no cap on pay and continue to reward good performance through raises.