Float Realm Floater Guide

Waiver of Liability, Hold Harmless Agreement and Acknowledgement

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure a comfortable, clean, and safe environment for you. As such, you may be provided the opportunity of using our flotation tanks. Please read over the following information and sign your name and date at the bottom of the form to indicate your agreement and adherence with our policies and procedures. 

1. I will NOT use the flotation tank:

  • If I have dyed my hair in the last 3 weeks

Allow at least 3 weeks after your hair has been colored and until all hair-dye has completely stopped bleeding before coming to float. (In certain cases, it may be longer.) Hair-dye permanently dyes our tanks and contaminate the water. The enclosed nature of the tank requires us to follow strict sanitation guidelines for the safety of our customers. You may be held liable for damages up to $500 as it is a very costly endeavor for us to correct the contaminated water. Blue, green, purple, orange hair-dyes are not allowed. Also, if you use keratin treatments, it’s recommended that you avoid saltwater, and that includes float tanks. We will be happy to reschedule you.

  • If I have received a tattoo within a week

  • If I have spray tanned or used a tanning bed in the last 96 hours

  • With oils, lotions, creams, heavy perfumes, cologne or jewelry on my body

  • If I have any communicable or infectious disease or illness, skin disorder, large cuts, open sores or wounds

  • If I am under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication

  • If I am epileptic, unless in the opinion of my physician, my epilepsy is under medical control so that I am in sufficient control of my seizures not to endanger myself in the flotation tank

  • If I am pregnant and have not consulted and received permission to float from my healthcare provider

  • If I suffer or have suffered from any claustrophobic or small or enclosed space anxiety-provoking disorders

  • If I suffer from diabetes, unless, in the opinion of my physician, my diabetes is under medical control so that I am in sufficient safety to use the flotation tank 

  • If I suffer or have suffered from chronic heart disease, unless, in the opinion of my physician, my chronic heart disease is under medical control so that I am in sufficient safety to use the flotation tank

  • I am not confident of being able to get out due to lack of personal mobility

  • If I am under 18 years old, and have not obtained parental consent

2. I will NOT:

  • Add perfumes, oils, bath salts or other chemicals to the water 

  • Smoke, drink or eat in the tank

3. I understand that:

  • I must shower inside of the room before the float even if I have already showered at home

  • Only one person is allowed to be inside of the flotation room and flotation tank at a time

  • Any contamination of the spa water due to any of the prohibited products, hair-dye or any bodily fluids that require extra cleaning will be my financial responsibility (up to $500)

  • The flotation tank uses Epsom salt (U.S.P. pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate) which will be in the water and that some people may experience skin allergies or reactions to such chemicals

  • Being immersed in Epsom salts is also a detox. Every person handles detoxification differently. Toxins will be released from your body. Detoxification may result in nauseousness or lightheadedness for some people

  • Earplugs are NOT to be inserted into the ear canal. Only cover the outside of your ear and flatten to create an airtight seal. Do not break apart, elongate or insert plugs into the ear canal. Float Realm will not be liable for improper usage of earplugs.

4. I also hereby agree and understand that I shall have consulted with my own health care provider prior to using the flotation tank if I am currently taking any medication or under a physician’s care for any reason.

5. Upon using this flotation tank, I agree to release Float Realm, members of Unwind Float Spas LLC, the leasing agent, landlord(s), employees, contractors and agents from any and all liability in connection with use thereof whether such loss or damage be direct or indirect.

6. I further agree to take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions while in the flotation tank and the waiver of liability and all agreements made herein shall apply to each use I make of the flotation tank.

7. Air Relax Massage.  Do not use this product if you are experiencing inflammation, an infection, pain of unknown origin, or bleeding (external or internal) at or near the site of application, or if you have a wound at or near the site of application.  Do not use this product if you have the following conditions: acute pulmonary edema, acute infections, episodes of pulmonary embolism, acute thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, where increased venous and lymphatic return is undesirable, lesions or tumors at or in the vicinity of the application, bone fractures or dislocations at or in the vicinity of the treatment applications. 

  • Please consult a physician before using this device if:

    • You are pregnant or feel week

    • If you have an implant at the site of application

    • If you have a cardiac pacemaker

  • Stop using if you experience any abnormal physical conditions during operation

  • Remove any items from your pockets before wearing cuffs

8.  Infrared Sauna.  The use of drugs, medication or alcohol prior to or during the sauna session may lead to dizziness or unconsciousness. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the sauna unless accompanied by an adult. Discontinue use of the sauna if you feel light headed, dizzy or head exhausted. 

Please consult a physician before using this device if:

  • You are taking any prescription drugs

  • Have cardiovascular conditions

  • Use a pacemaker/defibrillator

  • You are in doubt regarding your ability to use the infrared sauna for any health reasons

Feel free to call us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy your float!