Float Therapy Membership Perks

Scott Lamb’s Pain Relief System uses Muscle Activation Techniques in a 3-Step System of Checks & Balances to relieve your chronic pain and tightness. His individual system has helped hundreds of individuals recover from their chronic condition. The key is to get the nervous functioning properly as you strengthen your body

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Free Life Event ($100 Value)

When was the last time you felt truly alive? You felt strong, healthy, even unstoppable? No matter your age, history or current condition, this feeling doesn’t have to be just a thing of the past. At LifeGiving Chiropractic we believe we have the answers you’ve been looking for. By making sure your body is functioning at an optimal level, you will regain that life you’ve always deserved. Come join us!


CORevolution is a challenging Megaformer, TRX Suspension and HIIT gym for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, pre/post-natal mamas and those stepping back into a routine. Time flies with certified, knowledgeable and inspiring trainers who offer you excellent instruction in personalized fitness classes, max 10 people, featuring low-impact, high-intensity, and the benefits of a cardio workout.


iChakras provides Clients, and Students with wellness studied by science. iChakras is a Meditation Center and also offers complete Mind, Body, & Chakra reprograming, and deep inner healing. Float Realm Members can take advantage of a free smart meditation class with brainwave tracking, a free energy analysis, and 10% off of all Sound Baths.